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Kids Club Savings

You don't have to keep your money in a "piggy bank" any longer.

Or, you don't have to hide it in a drawer, sock, shoe or some other secret hiding

Now you can have a Savings Passbook Account just like an adult! A real savings account in a real bank. Citizens Bank can be YOUR bank too.

Every time you put money in your bank, it is called a deposit. Every time you take money out, it is called a withdrawal. The passbook you will receive will show the new amount in your account, and that is called your balance.

Good savers like to make deposits. But, they don't like to make withdrawals unless the money is needed for something really important. Like in-line skates, a bike or a present. Or, you might want to keep the money for something really important like college, a car, or a house.

As you save, you will earn interest. That's money the bank will add to your account--just because you keep your money in the bank! Really good savers can earn a lot of interest.

You can look at your balance in your passbook anytime you want. That will make you feel good. Especially when your balance grows. Sometimes your balance might grow faster than you if you are a really good saver.

Opening your savings account at Citizens Bank is easy.
  • A parent or guardian will have to come in the bank with you and sign on the account with you. We will also need your signature (if you are old enough to do so), and we will want to know your Social Security number.
  • You must be 12 years old or younger to open a LITTLE CITIZENS SAVINGS ACCOUNT and you will need $5.00 for your first deposit. And, it can be nickels, dimes and quarters - or even pennies!
  • There are no minimum balance fees applied to your LITTLE CITIZENS SAVINGS ACCOUNT, although there are limitations to the amount of withdrawals you can make in a one-month period.

If you already have a savings account with us, let us know. We will sign you up.

For more information about the LITTLE CITIZENS SAVINGS ACCOUNT call the bank at (573) 683-3373 or stop in and let our customer service representative talk with you. It's never too early to start saving! Join the LITTLE CITIZENS SAVINGS ACCOUNT today!

A note to the parent or guardian

The LITTLE CITIZENS SAVINGS ACCOUNT is an account that is intended to teach children how to save money for their future while having fun too. It is designed to teach its' members the importance of saving money through education and reward.

All that is required to open the account is an initial deposit of at least $5.00.

  • For kids from birth to age 12
  • Parent or Guardian must be on account
  • $5.00 Minimum Balance to Open
  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • Interest Paid on Balances of $5 or greater
  • Interest Compounded and paid semi-annually
  • 3 Free Withdrawals Per Month, $1 charge for each withdrawal thereafter
  • Quarterly Statements
  • Special Gift at Account Opening
  • Quarterly Drawing for $25
  • Special Birthday Deposit Each Year Up to Age 12
  • No ATM or Debit Card
  • No Electronic Deposits or Withdrawals allowed.
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