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ATM/Debit Cards

Citizens Bank ATM and Debit Cards

Our ATMs, conveniently located at 207 East Commercial Street in Charleston, Missouri and 722 North Martin Street in East Prairie, Missouri can provide you with 24 hour access to your money. Anytime of the day or night you can make withdrawals from your checking or savings account at these machines.

You can also transfer funds between checking and savings and check account balances. To access your account all you need is a VISA Debit Card or ATM Card.
Use your VISA Debit Card and you may never write another check! That's right, when you use your Citizens Bank VISA Debit Card, you are actually writing a check "electronically." Your purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. It reduces time and check writing hassles. You no longer have to carry a checkbook, present a check-cashing card or wait for check approvals. Our VISA Debit Card is convenient and easy to use.

The best way to describe the VISA Debit Card is that it's like an ATM card, with the power of VISA. Although it bears the VISA name, it's not a credit card. And since it is not a credit card, you pay NO setup charges, NO annual fees and NO interest charges. You'll still have the same convenience of using your VISA Debit Card as an ATM card at thousands of locations. But best of all, you'll be able to use your VISA Debit Card at any hotel, restaurant or retail store where VISA is accepted. Come in and ask for details. This service is based on approval.
Use your Citizens Bank ATM Card at our ATM machine, and you can access your account 24 hours a day to make balance inquiries, transfers, or cash withdrawals.

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